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Triskelion Key Earrings

$ 10.99

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The adorable Triskelion Keys Earrings are a custom creation and is only available through the Koala Art & Design store. These adorable french hook earrings features two unique 1/4x1/2inch silver key charms.

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The Koala Art & Design Finger Spiral Logo is derived from the Celtic Triskelion symbol. Triskelions have many meanings in different cultures but usually are based on the idea of progress and forward motion; a triskelion is usually depicted with three legs forever in motion - movement and or progression. Depending on the era, region, culture, history, etc… symbologists determine multiple meanings to each of the three protrusions (ie… Past, Present, Future; Creation, Preservation, Destruction; Mother, Father, Child etc…), an ongoing cycle. Initially the logo featured a severed walking hand and that evolved into a spiral Triskelion and then into the Triskelion Keys. The Koala Finger Spiral pays homage to the companies' horror art background - yet relates to the ever sustaining cycle of the creator. Creation, Preservation and Destruction.

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